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Everything Alyce: TOP TEN TUESDAY: Ten finished series I haven't finished

Tuesday, 8 September 2015

TOP TEN TUESDAY: Ten finished series I haven't finished

(Top Ten Tuesday was created by The Broke and The Bookish!)

If you've followed my blog for a while, you'll know that I am awful at finishing series. I don't like knowing that things are done, finished, zip, zilch, nada, no more. I can't deal with it - I need to stay friends with the characters, I need to know what else they get up to in their lives! So as you can guess, it was hard to take this down to just ten series, but I think I've managed to...

10) The Southern Vampire Mysteries series by Charlaine Harris
I got bored halfway through the first one, but I was reading it when I was 15 so it might have been above my maturity level with all of the random vampiric sex. I loved the TV series though, which I watched it about two weeks last year, so I definitely do want to read the rest of this series at some point. 

9) The House of Night series by P.C. and Kristen Cast
There are like two thousand of these novels. There's the main series, which finished in 2014, and also a selection of novellas. I read the first one, enjoyed it, so I've slowly picked up the rest of the series at book sales or in charity shops. It's just so damn long!

8) Pretty Little Liars by Sara Shepard
This series was finally finished last year, but I haven't managed to get around to reading the final four books in the series, or the two companion novels ('Ali's Pretty Little Liars' and 'Pretty Little Secrets'). The last two that I read were pretty awful, but when you're twelve books in to a series it's hard to stop yourself from finishing it.

7) The Fallen series by Lauren Kate
I read the first two books in this series, meant to do a re-read before 'Passion' released... And as you can tell, that didn't happen. I own all four of them, though - maybe someday!

6) The Hush, Hush quartet by Becca Fitzpatrick
The same thing happened with the Hush, Hush series. I read the first three novels, meant to re-read before 'Finale' released and now it's been a couple of years and I have absolutely no idea what went on in this series. I'll get around to it though, I promise.

5) The Vampire Academy series by Richelle Mead
I loved the first book when I read it a few months ago, so I'm going to carry on with these sooner rather than later. 

4) The Mortal Instruments series by Cassandra Clare
I was so pumped for 'City of Heavenly Fire' that I paid extra money, bought it on release day and devoured the first two chapters - then someone told me that you can't read 'City of Heavenly Fire' before you read The Infernal Devices series, or you'll get spoilers. *shakes fist at sky*. This means that now, I need to re-read the first five books of The Mortal Instruments series, read the three Infernal Devices novels and then move on to 'City of Heavenly Fire'. It's just too much work at the moment!

3) The Cahill Witch Chronicles by Jessica Spotswood
I read the first two books in two days, and I really really want to read the third novel, but I just don't want to say goodbye to these characters or their story. The setting is gorgeous, the characterisation is brilliant, it's all so good - it's not allowed to end!

2) The Burn For Burn trilogy by Jenny Han and Siobhan Vivien
Something shocking occurred that I didn't see coming, so now I'm finding it even harder to finish this series - what else can happen? It's so amazingly written though, and I have the third book out of the library at the moment: I just need to find the courage to pick it up. 

1) The Splintered trilogy by A.G. Howard
I struggled with the first half of the first novel, then flew through the second half and the second book, 'Unhinged'. I have 'Ensnared', and I know that I need to read it before the novella comes out in December - it's just difficult to let this brilliant series end. 

There you have it - these are my top ten series that I haven't finished yet! If you need to confess to any series you haven't finished yet, do it in the comments down below. 

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At 8 September 2015 at 03:32 , Blogger Deb Nance at Readerbuzz said...

Some of these series are so huge....How can anyone really read them all?!

Here's my Top Ten Series I've YET to Finish!

At 8 September 2015 at 09:33 , Blogger Alyce Hunt said...

I completely agree! I work in a library, and when I see people carting home lots of installments from the James Patterson or Cynthia Harrod-Eagles series... I just don't see the point of writing on and on and on and on all that much. It's another reason that I haven't managed to pick up a single Terry Pratchett novel yet!

At 8 September 2015 at 11:51 , OpenID janekwhittingham said...

I think there's a bit of a difference between a series of novels and a "world" in which novels are set. I can happily devour a dozen of Agatha Christie's Poirot novels or Terry Pratchett's Discworld books because, while they are set in a specific world with a set of characters, you can often read them out of order without getting confused. Each book is a complete story that you don't need any back story to enjoy. I struggle with series that need to be read in a specific order, I just find it too much of a bother to try and order them all from the library and read them in the correct order! :)

At 8 September 2015 at 12:08 , Blogger Alyce Hunt said...

Really? I never realised that Terry Pratchett's novels were like that! I'd just seen the humongous list inside one of the covers and felt a bit daunted - I find it hard to commit to a series that I know is that long. Knowing that it's more of a world than a series... I'm feeling much more inclined to try them out now. Thank you for telling me about that!
I know some people who can read series out of order, but I always worry that I'd end up getting spoilers - that way the earlier books are ruined for you, so it's not worth spending all the time reading them.

At 8 September 2015 at 17:46 , Blogger Renee Lake said...

House of Night and Southern Vampire Series both made my list.
my ttt

At 9 September 2015 at 11:50 , Blogger Abi Pearson said...

I've never heard of The Southern Vampire Mysteries series, but it looks cool. :D And I've really wanted to read the Hush Hush series.


At 9 September 2015 at 20:54 , Blogger LH27 said...

Hi! The Pretty Little Liars tv show seems so popular. Are the books better (besides the two that were awful?) :) My TTT

At 10 September 2015 at 14:03 , Blogger Alyce Hunt said...

People keep telling me to try to finish House of Night, but I find it very, very difficult - so long!

At 10 September 2015 at 14:05 , Blogger Alyce Hunt said...

I really want to finish Hush, Hush - I've heard so many terrible things about it, but I personally, I really enjoyed the first three.

At 10 September 2015 at 14:06 , Blogger Alyce Hunt said...

In my opinion, it goes in cycles. First four? Unmissable. Second set of four - still good, but not necessary. Third set of four... Meh. The rest of them, pretty damn awful!


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